why use a floor lift

Minimal Assistance

ultramove-nb Bure-nb BariWalker-nb
Ultramove Rise & Go Bariatric Walker

Used for those requiring some walking assistance such as a walker but can also be used to support the person if their legs get tired.  The Ultramove is non-powered.  It can be a comfortable walker or can be used to wheel the person when the buttock pads are lowered.   The Rise and Go is used more for gait training and rehab but can also be used be used as a walking aid


Moderate Assistance 

Steady Aid

    Ideal for those who have trouble standing from a chair or a bed.   Can raise one off a chair or bed, and can be used to wheel someone into a bathroom or from bed to chair…Typically, the person can support 20% of their weight so the Steady Aid is not designed to support their entire weight.


      Total Assistance

      ULtralift-_New_SB-noback Titan-_New_Model-nb
      Ultralift 3510 Titan 1,000lb Lift

        The Ultralift series are total assist lifts that use slings to envelop the person and support all their weight (as well as specialty slings can just lift a leg or foot).  Tollos lifts range up to 1,000lbs.  There are a variety of slings that can be used.   Ceiling lifts are another options for persons requiring total assistance as floor lifts can be difficult to move with heavier persons and/or carpeted floors.  When using slings, selecting the proper sling size and type is critical to ensuring safe lifting.



        Rifton Tram

        There are several products designed primarily for rehab uses.   Tollos manufacturers several products for rehab and has proprietary distribution rights for other products.  Most of these products offer advantages for gait training, unloading, etc.


        Common Questions about Floor Lifts

        Criteria use to select a lift includes the maximum weight capacity needed and patient population demographics.  Typically, the caregiver should not use a lift consistently at 100% of its capacity but instead using a higher weight capacity lift (for example, if  the facility has a bariatric population or a 575lb patient, a 750lb rated lift would be more appropriate).   In this regard, Tollos offers a full line of bariatric floor and ceiling lifts Tollos Bariatric Products

        Caster Size

        ULtralift--New-SB-noback2 ul3500x-flat-base-nb2
        Standard Legs w/Low Profile Casters Flat Base Legs

        Other questions for selecting lifts include size of casters (wheels).  Will the lift fit under the beds or chairs being used.  Tollos offers flat bottom legs that have extremely low clearance which works well for those situations but the downside is the smaller the casters, the harder to push so for long distances or carpeting or inclines, larger casters are preferred.   


        ULtralift--New-SB-noback-battery UL-3500B-nb-battery
        On-Board Batteries in Base Shroud Lift with External Battery Pack

        Our lifts come with two battery options.  One is permanently mounted on-board batteries that are charged by plugging in the power cord at night or when the lift is not in use (since the batteries cannot be harmed by overcharging but will be permanently damaged if the charge gets too low, we recommend charging when not in use).  The other type of battery are detachable batteries where you take the battery pack and charger that.  But these tend to be good for high use environments where a separate battery pack is being charged so available to  swap out at any time.  For that reason, when buying detachable battery fits, a second battery pack is highly recommended.  Some users feel they lose the detachable batteries so prefer cord charging;  others feel the cords can get snapped.  Tollos cords are hospital rated and protected and we tend to sell an equal amount of each. For our on-board batteries, these are universal batteries available at battery wholesalers so replacement costs are low.  

        Spreader Bars

        2_POINTS_sb 6_POINTS_sb SB-_Bariatric-_1000_lb_Pivoting
        2 Point Spreader Bar 6 Point Spreader Bar Bariatric Spreader Bar

        The spreader bar is what connects the sling to the lift on a total floor lift.  Tollos generally provides six point spreader bars with spring loaded clips.   Most other lifts come with two or four point spreader bars.  The benefits of a Tollos six point spreader bars are threefold:

        1. Versatility - The six point spreader bar provides more versatility as almost all slings work on that bar while often two and four point spreader bars will not accommodate them.
        2. Safety - With six attachment loops, the patient weight is evenly distributed, there is additional support to eliminate sliding out sideways, and if some reason one loop comes undone, there are five left to support the patient.  Also, Tollos spring loaded spreader bar clips ensure sling loops remain attached at all times.
        3. Comfort - The larger six point spreader bar is much more comfortable for the patient since they do not get “cocooned” or compressed in the sling. Having the right sling type and size and attaching it correctly is critical to safe lift operations.   Some users do prefer a two point spreader bar due to the smaller size but Tollos customers

        Other Features

        iQ Tech Interface

        Tollos lifts offer iQ Technology which tracks the number of lift cycles, battery/charging status, time for preventative maintenance and any fault indicators similar to your automobile.  Tollos lifts also lift higher than most other lifts, go lower than most other lifts and go further out meaning they can pick someone off the floor, provide gait training and generally provide more versatility.  All of our lifts are made in North America in our plant that cuts the raw steel, bends, machines, welds, assembles and paints.  These are very high quality lifts that will last for years.


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