Why use a lift

Ceiling Lifts

Ceiling lifts are the most efficient way to lift and reposition patients and in Europe, Canada and Australia are used almost universally as the standard of care in hospitals, nursing homes and even homes.  In the US market, ceiling lifts are less widely used resulting in much manual lifting by caregivers resulting in caregivers in the US having the highest lower back injury rate of any profession.  The goal to prevent this manual lifting of hospital patients and nursing home residents (and homecare) is often referred to as Safe Patient Handling (SPH).  Those facilities that have implemented strong SPH programs find numerous benefits that go beyond simply reducing injuries.

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Floor Lifts

Steady_Aid_Bariatric-nbWhich mobile lift is right for you?

There are a variety of mobile or floor lifts that address various needs.  Most are related to the amount of assistance needed.  Can the person walk but has trouble standing up, can the person not walk at all, can the person walk but tires out and needs support.  Nursing  homes are heavy users of floor lifts and typically use sit to stand lifts (our Steady Aid) and total floor lifts.  In addition, there are lifts that are designed for bariatric patients.  And some floor lifts are devoted strictly for rehab.

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